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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Honestly Fabulous

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Long before I began writing my own blogs, I was reading the writing of  friends near and far. Through the blogging years I've discovered fabulous posts focusing on many different aspects of life. Some favorite blogs come and go based on what I am really "in to" at the moment: crafts, organizing, home decorating, photography, or providing awesome activities for the kids.   I concentrate on groups of blogs encouraging me to do just what it is I want to do for the season.  When my interest shifts I move on. 

There is another amazing list of blog favorites that I check in with often.  The list including friends and family members who keep us up to date on life in their worlds through occassional updates. Love them all!

Yet, time after time, I am drawn to the beautiful writing shared by the following eloquent women who speak authentically and inspirationally about this motherhood thing I am about right now.
Adventures in Babywearing - Steph's was the first blog I ever read many years ago and is still the first blog I check whenever I have a chance to read around.  She has the most fabulous ability to write about the oh. so. daily. parts of life, while weaving in her sometimes hidden meanings and most "lifeportant" lessons.

Moments with Love - My own little motto is, "make the most of every moment" and there is no better way to do that than with Love.  She is a self proclaimed introvert, but I'm certain I am not the only one drawn to her compassionate and giving heart. Nevermind her kind smile and fabulous sense of style!

Enjoying the Small Things - I smile. I cry. I escape. I relate to pieces of Kelly's story, yet recognize other pieces that are so fabulously far from my reality they intrigue me. She shares amazing photography, a love for life, and a special big, small things perspective.

The Journey - A collaborative source for inspiration from many of the fabulous mommas who provide my personal encouragment on our new journey.

Boy Crazy  - Elizabeth has a home full of fabulous little boys, a Grand Rapis connection, a natural writing talent, and a friendly authenticity. 

Truth is woven into all of these womens' soul bearing posts, without being over served and sticky, making them classically fabulous.
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