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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Charmed Life

We have created quite the New Year's Eve tradition at our house. It is probably our favorite part of the whole holiday season.  It is a special time of wishing, dreaming, reflecting, predicting, laughing, and munching (of course)!  This year was no exception.
As part of our celebration each year we dig out our New Year's charms.  Over the year's we have collected close to 20 different silver charms.  The kids dictate to us their ideas to accompany each charm before they are tucked in to the "cake" of choice for our near midnight snack.  After the anticipation of discovering which fortune was ours we totally enjoyed eating this year's treat - oreo truffles.

Maybe because you are interested,
but mostly because I want to remember,
what follows is our family fortunes as written by Gavin and Anne Hope:

Kevin - the big cross
"You will learn more about Jesus this year."

Katie - sunflower
"You will grow closer to the sun (Son)."
~A continuation of 2010 for both Kevin and I.~

Gavin - butterfly
"You will see a buttefly and be filled with wonder."
~He's always wondering, brainstorming, and figuring...very appropriate~

Anne Hope - friends forever heart
"You will meet a special new friend this year."
~We are hoping she will have the courage to meet and play with new people, especially as she ventures off to Kindergarten.  This was a perfect pick for her.~

Gibson - token of love
"This year you will ask Jesus to come in to your heart"
~He was just the little person we would have hoped would draw this one.~

Gabe - believe
"You will overcome all of your obstacles"
~Can you believe it?  That they thought of this ahead of time?  That Gabe would get this charm in his truffle?  Love it!~
Looks like we have lots to look forward to in 2011!

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  1. What a lovely tradition! And I do agree that you have a lot to look forward to this year!!

  2. That is such a wonderful tradition. Awesome.

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family.

    What a special tradition and a wonderful way to welcome the New Year. Your children will always remember your tradition of drawing charms.

    How wonderful that everyone picked charnms that are perfect for the season in their life - precious.

  4. love this tradition friend!!

    and excuse me if you answered this...but where did you get the charms??

    ps - loving the "snow" on your page :)

    happy thursday friend!


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