A List Maker's Life: Changed

Friday, January 7, 2011


This has been on my heart- and tucked away in my drafts folder- since our little guy came home 2 months ago.  It is likely it will become an emerging theme here on A List Maker's Life in 2011.

We've been rearranged.
...by a change in plans
...by a stay at the Renucci House & the NICU where our hearts and minds were presented with a new awareness of so many hurting families

We've been filled.
...and so was our gas tank with an anonymous gift
...and our tummies with weeks worth of shared meals
We've been invited.
...to listen to the experiences of others who have walked this path before us
...to share our story, our joy, and our struggles with many who are willing to listen and pray

We have been blessed
...by envelopes full of gift cards to help us with extra expenses and to lift our spirits
...by notes of encouragement, packages, and email messages from people we have never even met yet they have commited themselves to caring about us

We have been loved.
...with a surprise early December delivery giving something special to encourage each of us
...with family and friends showing up to celebrate with us

We have been changed.
...since meeting this sweet smiling little warrior
...since sharing our story with you

...to bring change.

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  1. Such an adorable picture! Isn't is amazing how much things can change and change us along the way.

  2. God is so good!
    What a blessing to have so many praying for you, and making changes!!!
    Still praying!


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