A List Maker's Life: Snacks for Santa

Monday, December 20, 2010

Snacks for Santa

This is the first year that any of our children have been brave enough to sit on Santa's lap for a little wishing and visiting. During his time, Gavin was told to be sure to leave out Santa's very favorite treat - chocolate chip cookies- and Cheerios for the reindeer." Seriously Santa? Choclate Chip Cookies & Cheerios? How un-festive.
Thankfully, we found a recipe from What Megan's Making for delicious Cookie Dough Truffles. They have Gavin's approval for being special enough for Santa. Perfect-o!
While we were searching Megan's 12 Days of Christmas (Cookies), we also found the recipe for these York peppermint patty knock offs.  This mint lover could not resist trying them. Double Delicious!
Speaking of sweets, we got "Christmas caroled" tonight. 
What a treat!
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  1. Is it my imagination, or are there snowflakes falling through the pictures?

    Those cookie dough truffles are awesome. I've had them before and they are GOOD.

  2. I made the cooke dough truffles this weekend too! Very sweet but very good!

    How did the peppermint patties go? I'm hoping to do them this week yet!

  3. YUM! I was thinking you would appreciate the treats because you didn't sound hopeful this morning of accomplishing them youself today. Nice work!
    Thinking we should organize an actaul caroling thing for next season. I bet Tracy and Tim (our other neighbors with kids) would be down for it too. :)

  4. Yum! These are making me hungry!

  5. I'm wishing I was Santa. ;-) The candy looks delicious. When we were kids we had to make Coffee for Santa AND Mrs. Santa (she liked cream in hers).

    I've been reading about your sweet Gabe. I have a niece with Spina Bifida and she's one amazing girl--as I know your Gabe will be.

  6. ooooooo I definitely have to try the peppermint patties! I love to keep them in the freezer and take (sneak) them out for a bite-sized treat :)

  7. OMG-- I would somehow find a way to BECOME Santa if I knew those snacks would be at your house. :-) I'm a little behind on my blog reading, but the pic of the kids on your holiday card is BEAUTIFUL!!! Hope you had a great Christmas and are gearing up for a fantastic new year!


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