A List Maker's Life: Prancing & Pawing of Each Little Hoof

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Prancing & Pawing of Each Little Hoof

Our reindeer are ready to fly. 
It was such fun to add a bitty sixth to our holiday herd.
Gavin and Anne Hope were so very clever with their naming process this year.  Gavin really understood the concept of mixing up our names and made some fantastic suggestions.  Anne Hope even impressed us with her idea to name her "turkey" (oops...she's got her holiday creatures confused) Snow Manne.  
This year's unique variations included button eyes and nose, and a bell to replace the bows.
Meet Santa's newest team:
Snow Manne, Kavin, Vinson, Gabie, Gope & Kebson.
Can you guess who's mixed with who?
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Just for the fun of it...Team '09 & Team '08


  1. How fun, these are so great. And I love how the names are all mixed up. Too cute! Merry Christmas to you all...

  2. honey i love love love this!!

    hope you are doing well friend!!

  3. Now those are super cute. I love it.

  4. Oh, I love them! They are so cute!!


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