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Monday, December 6, 2010

A Look Inside

On Saturday we took advantage of the community day tours in the new Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.  Although we hope not to spend a lot of necessary time there, we did want to introduce the kids to the environment in a non-stress situation.  We were also interested in seeing the features, up close and in person, that we heard so much about during our recent stay in the "old" children's hospital.

Here's the view from the outside. See those letters on the top of the building?  I spent two days in October watching them hang those letters one by one.  Such entertainment 'huh?

I love, love, loved all of the art work displayed throughout the hospital.  Many of the pieces were inspired by picture book illustrators and others were unique pieces hand crafted by local children and beautifully framed.
The kids were enthralled by the lava floor, the fully interactive picture wall, and the gigantic wall of bubbles (the largest ever of its' kind)!
We were all fascinated to see the radiology equipment that baby G is already scheduled to try out in January. Kevin, like the thinker guy he is, commented on the planning that went in to placing equipment in the building and appropriately supplying the energy needed to run these monster machines.

We spent time studying the OR specifically used for neurosurgery.  It houses an amazing microscope that was purchased just for our pediatric neurosurgeon and his partner.  Unbelievable!
As parents, we were also pleased to hear about some of the small changes in the new hospital to accommodate healing.  For instance, on the new surgical floor there are rooms for parents to stay with their children while they are prepped for surgery and given anesthesia.  In our pediatric surgery experiences our children were seperated from us for the final pre-surgery preparation.  One tour guide explained that research suggests children who are with their parents, and kept calm, while being put under require less anesthesia.

The tour was well worth our time and the new hospital once again makes us proud of Grand Rapids! To read more about the new hospital, you may be interested in checking out their blog, 1-11-11.

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  1. I wondered if you would take advantage of the tour. It sounds amazing. Praying you don't have to spend too much time there in the future...

  2. That looks like an amazing new hospital! I'm glad you all got to tour it.

  3. That looks like such an awesome hospital and you guys are lucky to have so much at your disposal. He iwll be in the best hands for sure.

  4. Amazing! I have heard lots of wonderful things!!

  5. We went on the tour too. It is amazing, we are so lucky to have it in Grand Rapids. Wasn't it so interesting and scary to see some of the equipment up close, that neurosurgery microscope was crazy. Molly had a hard time on a few of the floors, and was freaking out a little so we didn't stay too long, but we wanted her to get a chance to see it low stress too before we are there in January.


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