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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Little Bits

Lately, I've had a thing for buttons. Inspired by a friend I've been putting together button bouquets, button frames, and more. In fact, in the hospital I spent mindless time sorting my collection into little storage bins by shape, color, and shade.
Now all the buttons are tossed helter skelter into one large tub. We are crafting something new.
The kids and I are picking out our favorite combinations to put together our own Indian corn {more friendly inspiration}.
After an emotional fall eventful weekend's preparations had my mind whirling for days before, I'm finally ready to think about Thanksgiving. We dipped chocolate for Pilgrim treats and might just get out our Thanskgiving decorations even if just for a day.
I likely won't be organizing my colorful collection back into their perfect little boxes, but we're making a holiday out of all the little mis-matchy pieces.

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  1. Cute idea. Abby is sitting by me is said, "They have a lot of buttons!"

    I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!


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