A List Maker's Life: Have You Ever Thought?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Have You Ever Thought?

Amanda shares about her life with two toddlers on All About the Kapengas.   She has quite recently started a special blog called Treasured Memories where she shares creative suggestions for making and treasuring moments with our children.  She has a whole book worth of great ideas up her sleeves - seriously!  Today Amanda is sharing her list of 5 things moms think, but don't say out loud.

5 Things Every Mom Thinks, but No One Shares:

5. How much does the circus pay, and is my child eligible?
4. My baby is by far the cutest thing to ever come into this world!
3. I should have paid more attention in Biology, then maybe I would understand how my child turned out to be half monster.
2. I could scream louder then them and want to.
1. What happened to me?!?

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  1. Oh yes!!! All of those and more I don't care to admit :O)


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