A List Maker's Life: The Bigger Question

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Bigger Question

He asks at least 40 times a day.
In what might just be the sweetest, most stab through my heart, make me melt, oh. how. I. wish. I could help you see what I see, wee little boy voice. 
We look for the right words to explain each of our statements, our rationale, the necessity for our guidance, and the reasons behind our correction. 

Often his question has an answer too big for him to understand.  Part of a bigger picture than he is ready to accept. 
At just 2 years old I expected his key word to be "No" like his sister or perhaps "What" like big brother.  Instead, this one, typically reserved for inquisitive 3 year olds - or so I thought. Quite likely used more than ever before, even in my own vocabulary. 

"But, WHY Daddy?"
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  1. Oooooh, what a cute little smartie pants. My Gabe started with whys at two, too. It's getting ... better at 3. :)

  2. so sweet!!!!! love your cute pics of him!

  3. Oh how precious. Love the pictures too.


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