A List Maker's Life: Big Guy

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big Guy

We watch his reactions, 
 study his quirks,
ask questions we never knew we would have,
keep a close eye on the growth charts,
appreciate each movement,
 & celebrate each milestone.
{Gabe Evan 8 Weeks}

We would say we are lucky, but luck has nothing to do with anything.
We are blessed.
We are thankful.
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  1. Katie...that outfit is too cute on him! Give him snuggles from Miss Kelly:) P.S. I can't believe he's already 8 weeks old!

  2. I love that he complained about getting his foot painted on sat...

  3. So cute!! I can't believe it has been 8 weeks!

  4. He is so darn cute and I love his striped outfit. I've always liked stripes!

  5. man he is so handsome!!!!! You are so blessed!

  6. He's such a beautiful baby. I love seeing his pictures. :) Blessed, you are.


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