A List Maker's Life: Repeat

Friday, October 22, 2010


"Gram says he sounds like a broken record. I think she means like a giant CD with a scratch on it." #generationgap

Each of our kids has had their own special phrases that we heard over and over again, especially when they were first learning to really talk. We often find ourselves using Gavin and Anne Hope's famed phrases in everyday conversation as if everyone should know what we mean. 
Here are our favorite Gibson-isms:

"Guess what?  Ummm..."
"Wook It!"
"Dadda Buza"
"   'mon" (like come with me/hurry up)
What doing Momma?

Our favorite thing about all of his phrases is the enthusiasm with which Gibson says them.  He is full of fun!
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  1. I remembered Gavin's

  2. lovin the little dude with the my little ponies!

  3. So precious! They are quite enthusiastic aren't they? One of m favorite blaze sayings in ah cone, which for him means Come On. Complete with the hand motion. So cute.

  4. Cute! My nephew is just learning to talk and the other day he said, "me wan caa", as in I want my car! It was so cute that we have all been repeating it all week.


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