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Friday, October 15, 2010

Inspire List

Who doesn't need fresh inspiration?  I love this list from Jodi Michelle, who just so happens to inspire me to be more honest with myself and to try new things!  Jodi is a local friend who I have had the pleasure of spending time with at West MI Blogger Meet Ups, Gleek Retreat (which she co-founded), and occassionally the grocery store - smiles!  Not only is she a fun friend, awesome planner, and thoughtful writer - she is a talented artist whose photography was featured in this year's Art Prize.

I love to be inspired, the feeling of being smaller than the world I live in. Of possibility.

Ruffled always inspires me to try something new with photography, lighting or party planning.

Mighty Girl is a serial inspiration for writing, lifestyle and living outloud.

How Now I Know is always inspiring with writing, being real and raw and reading new books.

Mila's Daydreams is inspiring just to look at.

Simply Breakfast inspires me to believe that everything is beautiful.

Superhero Journal inspired me to take her course, Mondo Beyondo and to learn to dream from the deepest part of me.

Darby is inspiring as a mother and a woman. Her photos and the honesty in her life are always a good grounding for me.

One Pretty Thing is never short on inspiration, projects or links to get lost in.

Ana White, Knock Off Wood, has inspired me to work with my hands on a variety of different projects and has also taught me that carpentry isn't hard or scary. It's following directions. Life List, CHECK!

Harvest Antiques is a place I go for inspiration after looking through endless links of things I want to do with decorating or small projects around the house. It's also one of my happy places.

Young House Love is inspiration to dig in there and try it. DIY junkie I am!

Big Bang Studio inspires me to think outside of this town. To want to travel. To take better photos.

Kathleen inspires me to want to be better at whatever I'm doing. To want to make something more of what little I might have.

That is where I go.


  1. Waht a wonderful list!! There is a song that one of my other blog friends posted on her blog that you should watch. It is beautiful. Her son has Cystic Fibrosis and he is such a cutie. here is the link.

  2. Super excited to see this up Katie - thanks for including me :)



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