A List Maker's Life: From Gabe - part 2

Saturday, October 30, 2010

From Gabe - part 2

Hi Friends!

Just checking in.
What? You said you wanted an update?
My momma is behind on this blog?
I know. I keep telling her how upsetting that is.
I don't really understand what the deal is.
She has plenty of time.
Anne Hope feeds me,
Gavin entertains me,
and Gibson snuggles me.
We are all just having a ball!
Anyhoo, I better get back to my most important work.
 Sending you a giant hug,


  1. He is just the most precious little thing!!

  2. Thanks Gabe!!! I was wondering if she was just sitting around eating bon-bons all day. I am sure your mama has hours to waste, sleeping in too :O)
    JK!!!! HUGS!

  3. Oh I just wanna squeeze him! He is so cute and I love the pics of him and the others too. ADORABLE. I am so happy to see all of you together.

  4. What a sweetie! I was so excited to see a post from Gabe complete with the cutest pictures. Thanks so much for sharing! How is that little one doing (other than charming you all, I'm sure!)?

  5. hi sweet boy! we love when you check in :) hope you are being kind to your mama!!

  6. I know I'm late to say so but CONGRATULATIONS on your sweet baby boy! He looks to be doing really well and I'm SO glad to see and hear that. xo


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