A List Maker's Life: Crafty Project To-Dos from Kate

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crafty Project To-Dos from Kate

Today's guest post is brought to you by my local, crafty friend Kate.  She's the kind of lady who finds a fun idea and actually follows through on putting it together.  I love her attention to detail, her artsy eye, her easy laugh, and her sense of humor.  She has decided to let us in and the list of future projects that is brewing in her creative mind.

Here is my list of my top 10 crafty projects to complete: (In no particular order!)

1. Make wall art for our bedroom.(It is boring in there...so lame)
2. Shirt dress for Emmah, that involves sewing a whole new venture for me!
3. Photo key holder...not for keys, but it might work great in the bathroom!
4. Reupolster my chair and a half....scary!
5. Repurpose an old chair into something FABULOUS!
6. Make new couch pillows
7. Add hardware to kitchen cupboards....okay that just might be on the to do list!
8. Key Fobs...love them, must learn to make them!

I think those will keep me busy...just don't ask me in 6 months how many I have completed!!!

Oh Kate, of course we want to know how your projects turn out.  Please update us as you check each item off your list...

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  1. Thanks (Kate & Katie) for some great inspiration!

    We need some art in this house, too, and I can never commit to the procey, ho-hum "art" I see in stores (might as well hang a $50 bill on the wall instead). So the tissue paper project is perfect: easy AND pretty!

    I've also been looking for something to mount on our bedroom wall to hang my handful of necklaces on. The key-hook idea is also a winner! Instead of pictures, maybe just Proverbs 31:30.

    Love these!


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