A List Maker's Life: Unexpected First

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Unexpected First

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I fell off my bike today and lost my first tooth, but I can not find it in the road. So, I give you this note instead. I hope you will still give me some money.
Love, Gavin

Sweet buddy was playing legos in the morning and tried to separate two sticky blocks with his front teeth.  Instantly wiggly. 

Oh no.  This is terrible, what else could go wrong today?

Little did he know that hours later a big spill off his two wheeler would land him face down with the just wiggly tooth popped out and a really fat lip.  We are all really hoping his face heals just as instantly -  before his first day of school on Tuesday.  More than the pain of the injury, Gavin is quite worried that his face is damaged and his friends will ask him too many embarrassing questions. (Sorry I don't have a picture, he won't allow that either for fear that you might laugh;)

Anyway, the tooth fairy finds herself a bit unprepared for this special first so off she must fly...


  1. Poor thing! I'm sure the tooth fairy will bring Gavin something special for losing his first tooth!

  2. How sweet he sounds! Poor guy. Maybe he is playing the tooth fairy for more money:O)

  3. Oh no! Bless his little heart. I hope his face gets better quickly!!

  4. Oh noa dn YEAH! HE was so anxious to lose that first tooth!


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