A List Maker's Life: My Favorite Things About Newborns

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Favorite Things About Newborns

Courtney, my favorite current Hope College student and sweet friend, is the guest on A List Maker's Life today.  She typically blogs at alam mo ny an, and explains the meaning behind her title in the header of her page. Courtney has a huge heart for kids and has even taken the time to love on my babes.  She explains that her love for children often makes her friends roll their eyes. She is a daycare worker, nanny, baby-sitter, Mary Poppins wanna be, and midwife assistant.  She appreciates all things itty bitty as evidenced by the list she has shared with us here today!

My Favorite Things About Newborns

foot wrinkles
grunts and coos
froggy legs
milky breath
belly buttons!
gummy smiles
sweet smelling sweaty necks
tiny onesies
fuzzy hair

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