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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

live. laugh. blog.

{photo courtesy of Stacey via the Gleek Retreat 10 flickr stream}

I've been thinking a lot lately about the living, laughing, blogging balance.

In the recent months my personal blog has given me great encouragement through the readers and friends who take the time to comment, and share their lives with me.  I love the two way interaction and the relationships I have built through online connections.  The laughter and smiles that result from checking in with friends and hearing about their day to day experiences is enjoyable as well.

I've discovered  it is much more rewarding to "just write" authentically than it is to give a one-sided perspective on real life.  I've also realized there are days it seems it would be easier to retract all comments and emotions, keeping them to myself.  As the days of our pregnancy draw close to an end I find myself more personally reflective and less willing to share publicly.  However, I continue to appreciate your thoughts and prayers and I look to your blogs for inspiration and laughter. 

In the final days that we wait, and the days after our sweet babe is born, I will be sure to check in here and share thoughts and experiences when we feel we can be honest about our journey and encouraging to others. Even when I don't check in with the blog I will  most certainly be experiencing life and learning to live.
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  1. Hi Katie!! I've been thinking about you and always sending prayers your way! I'v had a little story I've been wanting to share with you :) Nathaniel and Natalie started Preschool last week at Second Congrational Church (this brought back so many memories from years past!) Well, last week Natalie told me that she has a new girlfriend...and her name is Katie!! Oh' my goodness, just like her mommy met Katie Ergang in Preschool :) AMAZING!!! I hope she has a friendship with her new friend Katie just like I have with you!! (just think we met Tim Holland at Preschool too..he came to our Housewarming party a few weeks back.) We'll ALL have to get together one of these day for old time FUN! Sending SMILES your way Katie!!

  2. This is your platform, you share what you feel led to and not what you feel you owe anyone. Praying for wisdom and grace for you sweet sister!!!

  3. i hope you can feel the bloggy love and hugs - they are very real friend :)


  4. {Hugs} Katie! I'm eager for this pregnancy to be over and for your new little one to finally be here!


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