A List Maker's Life: Her Favorite Boys

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Her Favorite Boys

Anne Hope is sure to be a lucky little lady
to go through life with three brothers.
Admittedly, she was really hoping for a sister in 2010.
Yet, she has learned to embrace her special position as
daddy's one and only "baby girl."
 She adores her big G and little G.  She knows better than most just what Gibson needs when he is in search of comfort. 
She has also perfected her "me too" motto
when it comes to anything Gavin says, wants, or does.
As the only sister, someone will always be
looking out for or looking up to her.

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  1. When they were over last week I thought it was ADORABLE how Gibs would call HHHOOOPPPEE? Wondering where she was. She in turn watches out for him like a momma would! :) Love them!

  2. Great pics! Your kids are so cute!

  3. What beautiful kiddos! We've got 3 boys and only one "Princess" as well, and she wouldn't have it any other way. Its a fun dynamic.

    Thoughts and prayers for your littlest one always.


  4. I love that last one of Anne Hope and Gavin, there is just something about the way the sunshines on her face. So sweet and I love their little coordinating outfits.


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