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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Firsts of First

Gavin finished a fantastic first week of first grade today!  On the way home this afternoon I heard my first story ever about a "best friend" and the games they invented at recess.  Recess, which is also a first since there wasn't recess time in Kindergarten, has quickly become a favorite part of the school day.  Crazy enough, recess was one time of day I was most worried about how Gavin would respond. Silly momma!

Despite my offers to pack his lunch, Gavin also enjoyed his first taste of hot lunch and choosing his own meal in the cafeteria line.  Typically rest time follows this little man's lunchtime, but this was his first 5 day stretch without a nap.  However, we didn't get a single report of him sneaking some shut eye during silent reading.

My two daytime play buddies are sure missing their firstborn brother as they get used to this new routine and anxiously watch for his class to be dismissed at pick up time.  Before he is ready to play with them though he has to finish his daily homework - his first taste of regular routine.

I am so very excited for Gavin and all that he will experience this year in first grade.  I spend much of my day wondering what he is learning, reading, or playing.  When he hops in the car I desperately want to hear every detail of what he is thinking.  Unfortunately, it is usually just "What's for home snack?" 

It would seem that he has smoothly made this big transition to being in school all day, every day - even if I'm likely to need at least 6 months to get used to sending my first babe off into the big world of education without me.
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  1. Super! Thanks for the update, Katie. Glad to read that Gavin is such a successful student already!

  2. Ha, ha, recess is already a favorite. Well it doesn't take long for that to be the case. So glad the first week went well and happy Gavin didn't fall asleep in school! I know you were concerned about that!

  3. Awwww, how sweet!!! What a big boy! :D Also I left you an award over on my blog :)


  4. So glad he had a great day! It's so important. {I worry most about the free time, too, in regard to school. Normal? Hope so!}


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