A List Maker's Life: August Lovin'

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August Lovin'

Weddings are filled with traditions, and ceremony, that become familiar to us as adults. To see it all through the eyes of a little one at her first wedding was priceless!

"So, who am I getting married to tomorrow?  Does he know me yet?"
"Waiting for my turn is boring, but it's fun when it's my turn to walk in front of the people."

"We really need to practice that for about a half hour more times before we get it mom."
"I can't believe it, all of the other girls wore dresses and shoes that matched mine." (Of course that wasn't planned in advance - smiles)
"I have to stay by my teacher to know what to do." (a.k.a. the bride)

"Guess what? She even had friends who helped her get her dress on because it was so beautiful."
"Look at that whole table full of presents for me." (No, those would be for the new Mr. and Mrs., but thank you Uncle RJ for providing her with a special package of her own)
"After I do all the pictures I get to go to a big, fancy dinner.  I'm going to dance all by myself." (Lucky little lady actually got a dance with Grandpa and Daddy)
"I did it!  I walked down the aisle and stood in front of all the people without being embarrassed."
It was such a joy to watch Anne Hope confidently fulfill her role as flower girl, to listen to her four year old reactions, to accompany her as she flitted around the dance floor, and to experience a wedding with fresh perspecitve as she did- for the first time.  Thanks to Dana and Greg for including her in their special day & a big congratulations to all 3 of our dear cousins who celebrate August 7th as their wedding day!

speaking of wedded bliss,
Happy Anniversary to two of my favorite people ever. 
My role models. 
 My examples of all that is love. 
Enjoy your special day Mom & Dad!
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  1. Aww, i love her reactions. How precious! August must be a pretty good month. Happy anniversary to your parents. Blaze's bday was yesterday too! Hope you are having a great morning.

  2. Happy Anniversary to your parents!!! Way to Go Anne Hope!

  3. Awe, Anne Hope you looked BEAUTIFUL and Katie thanks for sharing such wonderful words of wisdom from her persective. I LOVED IT!

  4. "I can't believe it, all of the other girls wore dresses and shoes that matched mine."

    That cracked me up! It's so funny to hear what kids think about things.

    Happy Anniversary to your parents!

  5. way to go AnneHope!!!! you were a darling flower girl!

  6. What can I say, August 7 *IS* a special day! Thanks for thinking of us.

    I hope someday Morgan is just as happy to partake in such a role without "being embarrassed" up front. Anne Hope looks beautiful, and I adore her haircut!

  7. Anne Hope was absolutely beautiful, totally confident and spectacularly classy!!!
    It was a joy to watch her and Clay perform so 'grown up'! They were so patient!! What a wonderful addition they were to Greg & Dana's day!
    Thank you Kevin and Katie for the work, money and time YOU invested!!
    We love ya!!!


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