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Friday, August 27, 2010

Quiet Celebration

Could it have already been a week ago that Kevin and I were kicking off our relaxing weekend away in celebration of our 10 year anniversary? Thanks to a generous offer from our parents to watch our kids for 4 days, as well as a generous offer from our uncle to borrow their cottage for the weekend we had a delightfully quiet celebration!
Even though we insistuted the "no gifts,-just a nice card" rule, Kevin surprised me with a heart shaped necklace that says HOPE in the center.  It's perfect.
Our sweet sister and her family sent us this beautiful floral arrangement.  The perfect blend of friendship (yellow roses) and love (our wedding day flowers, blue hydrangeas).
We enjoyed our own peaceful view from "sunset station...."
Where we were able to watch the entire sunset without jumping up to chase a child out of the waves.  Where we enjoyed a warm breakfast cinnamon roll with no one to stick their finger in our frosting.  Where we caught up on reading the final pages of several books we've started and set aside through the busy of summer.  Where we drove and drove up the northern coast of Michigan with no clearn destination in mind, but amazing scenery to appreciate.
It was a lovely, quiet celebration of us. 
Yet, it was just as wonderful to return to the joy that is the rest of us!
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  1. glad you enjoyed your time...darling picture of the kiddos and great one of you and Kevin!
    thinking of you too!

  2. I'm so glad you all had that time together! How wonderful!

    You and Kevin are so adorable! That's a great pic and a great pic of the kids too!

  3. This is something you guys definitely needed and I am so happy for you. And maybe a little jealous lol. Kidding. I love the necklace and the pictures are gorgeous.

  4. Wow Kevin has a real talent for picking out thoughtful and sweet gifts! I am glad you had such a nice getaway.


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