A List Maker's Life: Our Favorite Monkeys Visit Friends

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Favorite Monkeys Visit Friends

After having a wonderful time at his Kindergarten field trip to the John Ball Zoo, Gavin was anxious to bring our whole family back for an adventure together.  The very warm weather forced most of the animals to rest in the shade. Despite the lazy zoo atmosphere learning about the animals was fascinating.  Gibson's excitement about all of the creatures was especially fun to see, especially since his siblings (and parents...) certainly haven't set that example. 
"It sure is nice that they have a stattoo of John here in the zoo." Gavin
"I just want to find the lions and the big pink birds."
Anne Hope {aka Fancy Nancy}
"Wook Ma, Wook."  Gibson

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  1. Cute! Gibson is getting so big! It looks like it was a nice day.

  2. Were the wallabys hopping about?
    Did Gibson enjoy crawling through the train the way Gavin did at that age? Did anyone walk in the
    petting zoo?:) Great photos!


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