A List Maker's Life: Camera Shy?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Camera Shy?

A perfect summer evening found Gibson happily playing in the yard with the big kids' swing. 
How dare we expect him to participate in the family photo shoot. 
Besides, this little guy never likes attention. 
He wasn't born to make other people smile. 
And, seriously, this whole family picture process is totally embarrassing. 
{No sarcasm here...}
Perhaps a silly, smooshy face kiss will bring him out of his shell?
Oops, he doesn't look so amused with his crazy old parents and their antics.
In fact, it appears he'd rather eat soggy cereal than be part of a giggly group shot.
So, we let him free to explore and play. 
Just like that his "sonny" smile lights up the camera.

{Photos courtesy of Kate}
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  1. He is so cute! It is almost impossible to get pics of kids sometimes!

  2. He is precious! Hopefully the family photo shoot included come belly pics ;)

    P.S. I got to go to a birth right before returning to Holland :) it was awesome!


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