A List Maker's Life: Bloom

Thursday, August 12, 2010


"Bloom where you are planted"
It's my desire to listen and grow at whatever stage I may find myself here on life's journey.
To avoid becoming too pot-bound, comfortable with my place. 
To be a colorful outward example of the water and sunshine building my roots.
Speaking of blooms, this little beauty has really blossomed this summer. We've been thrilled to see her confidence and maturity grow as she has experienced many new and special things in the past weeks!
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  1. That is one of my favorite quotes, of course it could be the last name! You continue to inspire me!!

  2. she is getting so big!!! i love those flowers!

  3. So what's the secret to getting your children to bloom? Just time, sprinkled with a bit of new experiences and a lot of prayer? Hoping for the same for our sweet, little flower.

  4. Katie, any idea what those purple and pink flowers are called? They are so pretty! I want some of my own! I can not believe how big Ann Hope is getting.


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