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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We 3 Teach

Since growing a new baby, raising my other three busy babes, spending time with my amazing Kev, making jewelry, blogging once in a while (winky face), and enjoying the summer sunshine wasn't quite enough to keep me busy I am thrilled to be part of this new venture!  Seriously, I was MOST thrilled to be part of a project that validates my professional teaching background and keeps me current with books, curriculum, and other educational products of significant value to both parents and teachers.

I've joined two of my best blogging buddies, Katie & Amy, to create We 3 Teach Media.  You'll get a bit of an idea about what we are up to based on our mission statement below, as well as noticing some small (but exciting for me) changes here on A List Maker's Life.  Most significantly you will see I have new buttons in my right hand side bar where they used to all read "Your Ad Here."  I will also occasionally feature articles written by the We 3 Teach sponsors.  Those posts will be labeled We 3 Teach so it is clear when the writing is not my own.  Other than that I will continue to post my lists, my reflections, my experiences with all of our kiddos, and more as you've grown to expect that in this little corner of the web.

We believe in the power of numbers.
We believe in the power of reliable voice.
We believe in the power of education.
We are power teachers’ networked blogs.
We are the new day in the world of teaching, parenting, and technology.

We 3 Teach Media is here to bring your product into the light. Our shared vision for We 3 Teach Media is to foster children’s love of learning through games and play, while at the same time bringing new and innovative educational products to the attention of parents and teachers everywhere.
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  1. That sounds awesome! Way to go mama!

  2. Congratulations on this new venture! So glad you get to continue to use your gifts, talents and interest in this unique way.

  3. As if you didn't have enough to do already! lol. I am looking forward to checking this out as you go along. We are starting our home school adventure this year and I think this will be great to follow! Best of luck on your newest venture Katie and partners!


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