A List Maker's Life: Sour

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We are learning how very important it is to remember the sweet, especially when we taste the sour. Together they are a lot easier to stomach!

I haven't spent much time tweeting this week, but the 140 characters I did send said something like,
"Even the smallest plans aren't our own.  Okay, I get it.  May we please move on to the next lesson."

We were supposed to spend last weekend camping with our friends in beautiful Traverse City, MI.  We worked together to save our spots way back in January to be sure to make it happen.  Collectively our children, and husbands, have been anticipating the time together for months.  We spent a few mornings last week loading the camper, packing the perfect toys, planning the meals, and brainstorming day trips.

We almost made it.  About 40 minutes south of our destination the verdict was clear, a long weekend vacation was not in our plans THE plan.  The engine on our vehicle decided to blow.  We spent the day "stranded" while we waited for dad our hero to pick us up save us.  Which he did.

During the wait, sweet Anne Hope - who is typically not a "go with the flow gal" - declared this sour day to be the best camping ever.  "We got to eat yummy food (all the gas station type junk food that we could round up), play in the sand (they used the shovels in the backseat to dig in the gravel by the road), swim in the big lake (in their undies because their swimsuits were buried in the trailor), and we made new friends (who wondered why in the world the little urchins were swimming in their undies)." 

It's really all about perspective.

Now, I think I'll find some nuggets .  This summer has given me plenty sauce for dipping.
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  1. Oh my goodness, what a disappointment that must have been. So glad you were able to look on the bright side!

  2. Oh that stinks, not to mention the cost to repair the engine! Yikes!

  3. Very sweet! Kids can give us such a refreshing perspective, can't they?

  4. Well, I am certainly glad your kids looked at the brighter side. I'm also relieved that the cost of repair was in HIS plan too! :) Miss you all and we will have to get our swim on the backyard as soon as your garage sale weekend wraps up! ;)

  5. It is so funny how kids see things. I wish I would see things like a child more often!

  6. Ugh! Not the best situation, but I love your little lady's perspective. Hang in there, Mama!

  7. oh, Katie. Everyone will remember this one for years and years and years to come, I bet.

    Hang in there. With the rain comes rainbows.



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