A List Maker's Life: Nesting

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


In preparation for our babe's arrival, we've been tackling one room at a time.  They all need touch up paint, new trim, electrical work, light bulb replacements, organizing, freshening, and more.  The nursery is by far the most fun to work on and we think it's ready to go. 
This special cradle is the one my dad originally built for Gavin.  Little Gabe will be the fourth to snuggle in.  The beautiful knit yellow blanket and matching booties, seriously made of the softest baby yarn, are an early gift from Great Grandma Ellie.  Gabe's Winnie the Pooh fuzzy lovey, picked by his Gram, is also ready to pack in our hospital bag.

Gibson's familiar toddler bed has moved to the other side of the room, nestled under the "Guess How Much I Love You" wall mural. 
All of our favorite board books and stuffed animals have found a home on the changing table and book shelves.  The blue baby blankets have been washed and folded (although I'm certain that little G will unfold them all a few times before our wee G's arrival).
Gabe's special baby blocks, made and delivered by Kate, were the perfect inspiration for getting the boys' room cleaned and put together. 
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  1. What a beautiful room, and that cradle is stunning!

  2. such a sweet lil boys room:) i remember how wonderful it felt to prepare a nursery, i miss that feeling!!

  3. Adorable...and I am sooo impressed. We have mere weeks to go here and I've done nothing to prepare. Just finished up my last writing project though, so let the nesting begin! Love that frame!

  4. Those blocks are so cute! Great job on the nursery!

  5. What a beautiful baby's room, put together so lovingly.

  6. Hi, Katie! I found you through ABC-123. I've been following your blog and have been inspired by you. I've been praying for you, your family, and your baby. God bless you and strengthen you!


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