A List Maker's Life: Feeling Crafty

Friday, July 16, 2010

Feeling Crafty

This week's steamy heat, and lack of inspiration for playing outside, left Anne Hope and I looking for a project. We dug out the glue gun and put him back in business after his extended spring break. Time for some new hair pretties!
Let's just say, we went a little crazy!
I was actually surprised by the variety of ribbons I have collected in the last year, giving us many colors and styles to choose from. 
Our interest in this style clip, instead of the traditional bow, was peaked after a friend showed us the project she was working on for her own little princess.  However, we added our own twist by incorporating some of the leftover jewelry pieces I have collected from my adventure with Accessories Inspired.
Another good friend generously shared with us a HUGE collection of no longer loved jewelry.  Instead of using all buttons as centers for the flowers, Anne Hope and I had fun finding the perfect pair of earrings to repurpose as flower centers.  Such girly fun!

Perhaps we should have taken a look through her closet to be sure we had outfits for each pair of new buttons.  Nah...just another reason for an upcoming shopping spree!


  1. Very fun and creative you two! I wish my girls liked wearing bows still. Leah won't wear them at all and Elizabeth will only keep them in her hair when I "make her". I hope it is just a phase. The bows sound like the perfect excuse to go shopping.

  2. Those are cute! LOL about having a shopping spree!

  3. This is awesome! I love them! :-)

  4. I *LOVE* these!!! They're absolutely darling!!! I want to come steal them all for Amber :D

  5. So cute! How did you make these? I'd love to make some for my daughter with all the ribbon I have collected too.

  6. What a fun project! In my heart, I am crafty like this, but in reality, not so much. I think I might be good at gluing those jewels in the middle...but that's about it! ;)


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