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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What I Know

Updated:  The winner of the signed giveaway copy, chosen by random.org, is comment #5:
gapmlm said...
I would love to read this! Thanks! :-)

We expect that what we know will change over time. But, most amazing is when what we know changes in an instant, as we are learning.  What I know now, compared to a week ago has given me new perspective, new uncertainties, but most of all new hope. Uncommon wisdom comes through small whispers, a timely note from a new friend, or the lyrics in an unfamiliar song; just as unconventional truths come from the situations we face each day and the peace we have within. 

Many weeks ago I had the privilege of receiving a review copy of the book What I Know signed by the author Roger Emerson Fishman.  It is a lovely and inspirational book filled with wisdom from both 10 year olds and 100 year olds.  I had plenty of informational comments and cute quotes to share with you from its' pages, such as:

"You can be whatever you want to be, but you better start living up to whatever that is right now." ~chelsea c.

"If you are thinking about having a baby you better start preparing now by collecting lots and lots of sleep!" ~basil m.

"Raising children can be expensive, but parents can always afford to pay attention and spend time with their kids." ~blair b.

In the last few weeks our perspective has been altered by many circumstances, not all of which are our own, and this book takes on a different importance.  Re-reading it's pages I wonder...
...What do we wish our ten year old selves would have known? 
...Would knowledge beyond our years have protected us from life's unpredictability or would it have kept us from the lessons we need to experience before we have the wisdom of a centurion?

This book is divided up into sections such as: commitment, change, longevity, friendship, integrity, parenting, giving, and perseverance.  Each chapter includes features from intriguing history makers such as Harry Houdini's personal assistant, Major League baseball players, Academy Award winners, and more.  However, in reading their passages, and thinking about the truths they know to be true about life, it becomes apparent that each of us could contribute to this collection.

I giggled, pondered, and nodded my head in agreement as I enjoyed reading What I Know.  I think you would as well.  If you are interested in a signed copy of your own check out WhatIKnow.com, and/or leave a comment here on this post for your chance to win one.  I will choose one winner for this giveaway, using Random.org, on Saturday (June 12).

"Try not to plan your whole future.  If you plan it all, then you might think it turned out messed up just because it's not exactly what you planned..." ~meShow alllissa w.
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  1. Some great advice....seems maybe I should maybe take heed! :)

  2. Oh I would love to read that!!

  3. Thanks for the link, lady! ;)

    What a cool idea for a book. Glad to hear you are getting some giggles!

    And, yes, I think our perspectives on everything have been changed forever, but totally for the better. Just one of the many blessings we get through this experience!


  4. That sounds awesome! I would love one:O)Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  5. I would love to read this! Thanks! :-)

  6. That sounds like a great book!

  7. What a neat book and a perfect quote you shared at the end of the post. Continuing to lift you and your little one up in my prayers, dear friend!


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