A List Maker's Life: Transformation

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Last Thursday I could hardly imagine a celebration.  Yet, we have a very special 6 year old to celebrate.  
I pulled up my idea books, recipes.com, and my big girl smile in an effort to make this birthday just as special for our Gavin as the five before. 

{Transformers Party}

It was actually completely enjoyable to put my energy into a party.  Even more delightful, all the joy we saw in our big G as his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings focused on him.
{Hot Wheels Party}

We had a delicious pizza party with The Papa, chocolate cheese{cup}cakes per request, presents on a new patio, balloons & streamers, new toys to construct, and happy times with our family.  I even put the finishing touches on the Beach Bear birthday treats Gavin will share at school tomorrow.
{Kindergarten Birthday Treat}

This birthday was just the transformation we needed to lift our spirits and put today back into perspective.

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  1. Happy Birthday Big G!!
    Katie, so glad you were given a bright spot to focus on during this time in your journey.
    I think maternal (and paternal!) insticts are such a gift from God...it gives us the ability to give love to all of our children, at the same time!

  2. Happy Birthday to Gavin! Looking forward to seeing you guys on Tuesday! :)

  3. Hey. I think this is very beautiful. (crying for you). :-) Hang in there! P.S. I switched blogs from SpotOnYourPants.

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet son!!!! Praise the Lord for fun times with family!!!!

  5. That is so great that you guys had a wonderful party for him. It is good for you too.

  6. Happy birthday, Gavin! Those little beach bear treats are darling!

  7. Happy #6 to Gavin! I am glad you found something to lift your spirits and take your mind off the bigger issues for a time.

  8. Happy 6th Birthday to Gavin!

  9. Those kindergarten cupcakes are so cute!! What a neat idea!! Glad you found the strength thru Him to make the birthday super special!!

  10. It looks like everyone had a blast :) Thank you for paying a visit to my cardboard cake post Katie and I'm glad you liked it. :)

  11. Okay, those Beach Bear cupcakes are way too cute...and those chocolate ones look way too yummy. Thinking we may be doing some baking this weekend for sure! :)


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