A List Maker's Life: Today in Haiku

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today in Haiku

Vacation I love.
The piles of laundry upon
return, we aren't friends.

My favorite bush
in the backyard bloomed in full
a beautiful gift

Off to the doctor
Today is the first  - since then
I'm crazy nervous.

Last night's Bachelorette,
I missed watching.  Nap time
is when I'll catch up.

Gibson's tongue is healed
The stitches are all dissolved
He's ready to eat.

Over the sunny
noon time we joined friends to eat
at our local park

Yesterday, Steph wrote a sumer haiku and invited the rest of us join her.  With her inspiration I decided to give it a try in sharing about our day.  I'd love to hear about your day in haiku, if you'll give it a shot.

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  1. I loved the haikus
    Hope the appointment goes well
    Beautiful flowers.

  2. That was fantastic
    My day is a little slow
    But it is All good

  3. painting messy fun
    out until the cows come home
    makes for a long nap

  4. Morning at Degraaf
    Turtle Crafts for all to see
    More fun at the park

  5. Is laundry ever anyone's friend? Beautiful bush and I didn't realize you watch the Bachlorette! Now I have someone to dish about it with.


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