A List Maker's Life: The Tale of the "Itches that Kept Us Out of the Sea"

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Tale of the "Itches that Kept Us Out of the Sea"

Sounds pretty "ick," doesn't it?
That tale would be Anne Hope's rendition of the drama that kicked off our camping adventure.

It could not have been more than two hours since we had checked in and set up that Gibson decided to try to climb the picnic table.  Being part monkey, I was not the least bit worried about him as I sat on the table bench next to where he was climbing.  He hadn't even gotten both knees up to the bench when he slipped and bumped his chin.  Bumped it enough to let out an untypical wail.  As I picked him up to brush him off and help him restore his climbing confidence I realized that he was bleeding all over my shirt. 

It just so happens that he bit his tongue.  However, it wasn't the typical "ouch, I bit my tongue."  He bit through his tongue.  Not to be too gross, but as he stuck it out for me to examine the cross shape hole through the middle of his mouth gushed.  Poor guy!  It was pretty obvious that a trip to the ER was in order.

Kevin and I hauled the gang to the little, local hospital where Gibson was soon ushered in to the exam room.  The doctor began by explaining that mouth injuries heal very quickly, he has seen MANY cut tongues in his career, and rarely do they require any stitching.  With this said, he turned Gibson on to his lap to take a peek into his mouth.  After only a brief second he changed his tone as he said, "Well, this one will need several stitches.  I'm going to have to call in the team and the anesthesiologist."

So, not only did our baby boy need his first stitches, they would need to put him under to get them in. 

Three hours, three IV attempts, three stitches, buckets of tears, and plenty of mama trauma later Gibson was ready to head back to the campground.  The doctors' orders: only clear liquids for 24 hours, cold/soft foods for 3 days (who brings loads of soft, cold food camping??), no paci (ha!), and to take it easy (that's a tough one for our tough guy). 

As we tucked everyone in for the night Gibson seemed to be back to his normal spunky self.  It was Anne Hope who cried out in disappointment, "it's all because of Gibson's itches that we didn't have a single minute to play in the sea."
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  1. OH MY WORD! Katie they do keep you on your feet! I hope Gibby is feeling his old monkey self.

  2. Gotta love AnneHope! What a story to tell!
    Hope you had fun

  3. Leave it to the little ones to turn something traumatic into something giggle worthy. Glad he's doing all right.

  4. I feel so bad for the mom in you and the ouch of Gibson's tongue but this is kind of priceless. The things they (Anne Hope) say. Although unpleasant to live through I'm sure, the story is adorable.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Well I guess that was pretty exciting! Glad to hear he is okay!

  6. Poor guy!!! And poor mama, what a vacation!!!!!!

  7. Oh, that is priceless! Poor kids and Mamma though.

  8. I'd say you are all troopers! I think I wuold have packed it up and gone home after that. Glad he's doing better (read the other post first; trying to catch up on my reader. You know.)

  9. Well it's always something! Never a dull moment at your house.


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