A List Maker's Life: Our GEM

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


gem (n.)
a. something that is valued for its beauty
b. a beloved or highly prized person.

We are so very appreciative of all the encouragement, love, and prayers spoken on behalf of our family and our little babe.  In the midst of our uncertain news we really wanted to choose a name for our little guy.  To share it with you who have offered your concern.  We also really appreciate all of your name suggestions and those of you who did the meaning research for us.

I must admit, I've always considered naming our babies before their birth to be premature and presumptuous.  In the last week I've come to the realization that we presume a lot about our lives and our children before they are born, when really we know very little about God's ultimate plan for their time on earth.  He who holds their future has known and loved each of my children, by name, since the beginning.  While I am confident that he has heard the prayers for baby boy M., I imagine he will smile when he hears our baby's full name, as he has always known it, lifted up by many.

Gabe Evan

Gabe is a Hebrew name meaning God is my strength.  He was, He is, and He will be for uncertainty of the days to come.

Evan is the Welsh form of the name John, in honor of my Grampa John.  The meaning, God's gracious (or good) gift, made this an even more obvious choice for us.

Tomorrow Kevin and I are headed to the specialist with the hope of a bit more explanation about baby Gabe and what is to come for him.  

Tonight, with God's strength, we pray with anticipation for something beautiful for our littlest gem.
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  1. Oh sweet little Gabe Evan...you are a true gem who has captured so many hearts already. Your mommy's faith amazes me...but, even more so, the One who made you amazes me, because He already knows you - He knew you - and He has a beautiful and perfect plan for you. Be strong, little one, in the strength of the Lord your God.

    Katie, I love you, and I will be in steadfast prayer for you all day tomorrow. Our God is faithful - may you rest in His almighty plans tomorrow.

  2. I am lifting you in prayer for tomorrow... please keep me posted on sweet Gabe Evan

  3. Yeah!!!! Praying for Gabe Evan!! Love that precious name. Gabe is such a sweet name I have always liked. And Evan reminds me of a Pilgrims Progress!!!!
    Praying for your appt and for wisdom for the dr., and that Gabe will be healed!!!!!

  4. We are lifting up your G.E.M. to the Lord, and will be thinking of you tomorrow.

  5. What a beautiful name with such meaning!

    Will continue praying for your family.

  6. I love it.
    I'll be praying for Gabe & all of you tomorrow. Thank you for sharing, I'm so glad to be able to lift him by name.

  7. simply perfect friend.

    lots of prayers coming your way...

  8. That is a wonderful name. I love it. I will be praying for you tomorrow as I do every day.

  9. Sweet Gabe, I lift you in prayer tonight. As you grow in your mama's womb, and more so in your family's heart, I pray that we will all see how God has his hand on you.
    Meyerings I will pray for you tomorrow as you head to your appointment.

  10. It's perfect Katie! We are praying....xoxoxo

  11. What a beautiful perfect fitting name for your babe. I'm praying for you as you meet with the doctor. May God's peace fill every part of you.

    Hugs and love.


  12. What a beautiful name for your baby boy. We're keeping you and your family in our prayers.

  13. What a beautiful name! I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  14. What a beautiful name!!! Praying for you and precious little Gabe!

  15. I will be praying for Gabe Evan and the rest of your family!

  16. I love it. Evan is a very special name in our family too. Praying for you each and every day, my very dear friend.

  17. What a beautiful name you and Keven have picked out.


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