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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Its a Ball

Last night was Gavin's first t-ball game.  Our family gathered at the field to see his first efforts with this new sport.  It was adorable to see these little guys scooting around the bases and trying their best to move the ball.  The game itself is a little predictable as they don't count strikes, outs, fouls, or runs.  In fact, the final score was, and will be for the next seven games, 33-33.  At this point, winning and losing isn't what it's all about.  It's all about learning.  It's all about having fun.
And some of these little men were really having fun.  During one entire inning the pitcher broke out into full break dancing between each batter.  The laughing and clapping from the sideline brought on even fancier moves.  Our very own t-baller (my made up word) passed the slow times in the outfield by imitating the birds. "Make me a bird, so I can fly.  Fly far, far away."  Fun{ny}.
Gibson would have given anything to join the big kids for some fun on the field. 

Ironically, as we tucked Gavin in to bed last night he had his own thoughts on the thrill of the game. "Playing t-ball is hard work.  It looks like it might be more fun to sit and watch the game."

It appears that Gavin may have been aware that Gibson spent half the game sneaking Starbursts from Gram's all you can eat buffet purse.

Thanks to Beth for this week's challenge, to capture our family having fun.  Because, yes, there is still lots of fun to be had!

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  1. I agree, that "all you can eat buffet" purse sounds pretty good!

    Too cute...

  2. So cute. It makes my heart so happy to see you living and loving.


  3. Gibson looks like a big boy now!

  4. What a fun time together!!! I can't wait to watch my girls play games:O)

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Your boys are so cute. What fun! How cute is he saying it is hard work. My nephew played this year for the first time. I don't think he liked it. His dad wants him to like it though... so he might change : )

  6. I love it. It sounds like a great time for all there! I posted something you may find interesting or helpful if you get a chance to look.

  7. Aww. So cute. What a fun way to spend a day.

  8. LOL about the "all you can eat buffet". My Memaw's purse was always like that too!

  9. Love that first photo! And I LOVE all of your kids' names.

    I felt led to write about fun today too! :) I'm not much of a photographer, but I'll have to check out You Capture next week and join in the fun.

    Have a GREAT weekend!!!


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