A List Maker's Life: Concert Faves

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Concert Faves

Tonight we are looking forward to seeing the Hello Tonight Summer Tour in Grand Rapids, thanks to JQ99 and Gram! We each have a favorite song we are hoping to hear:

Kevin - I Will Rise
Katie - Get Back Up
Gavin - Tonight
Anne Hope- City on Our Knees

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  1. I bet Gav is THRILLED beyond belief to see Toby Mac. A follower in his daddy's feet! :) Have a super time!

  2. Wow!!!!!!! I love Chris Tomlin!!!!Enjoy mama!!!

  3. I am seeing it tomorrow! I won tickets from the Detroit radio station :) and of course the Tonight CD from MckMama! I haven't seen Toby live since I was 14! I am so pumped! we will have to compare notes!


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