A List Maker's Life: Train Up a Child

Friday, May 7, 2010

Train Up a Child

...in the way to lay bark mulch,
and when he is old
he too will have a fantastaic landscape!
Big excitement this week when the delivery truck dropped off an excessive amount of mulch for our little yard (8 yards??)!  The kids always enjoy helping Kevin with this annual spring project.  This year they got really creative with their delivery methods, instead of pushing their wheel barrows they harnessed themselves to snow sleds.
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  1. now that is smart! Your yard looks great!

  2. 8 yards is just right, you'll see....

  3. I'm sure that the kids enjoyed the experience. It's nice that you are training them at such a young age. They'll be thankful for this when they grow up.

  4. If I train up my child in a way to lay bark mulch, what are the chances he'll come and landscape MY yard when he's older? ;)
    lol. Cute post!
    And lovely landscape.


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