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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Never Mind the Calendar

Happy Mother's Day! 
That's right, I am declaring today as my perfect Mother's Day 2010. 

It is spectacularly sunny here in our corner of West Michigan.  Today is the first in 14 days that Kevin is home with us instead of working at his day job.  However, he seems to be on a roll and has been wonderfully helpful working at home.  After folding 5 loads of laundry  Kevin decided to take the kids grocery shopping.  Never mind they talked him in to adding a 3 gallon pail of chocolate swirl ice cream and cinnamon "gramma" crackers to the list, my only chore was putting things away once they returned home.  The kids enjoyed playing outside and blowing bubbles while we made dinner on the grill and now everyone is quietly napping. 

So far, today has been a completely enjoyable day for this momma.  I hope this finds you enjoying a sunny Sunday as well!
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  1. I like your new arrangement Katie!
    neat and crisp. Happy Mother's
    Day to a wonderful mom!


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