A List Maker's Life: Lessons from the Littlest

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lessons from the Littlest

These sweet little people have already taught me so many things. 
{Gavin 2004}
"Momma, TRUST more.  Learn to let others in and let God worry about being in control."

{Anne Hope 2006}
"Mommy, UNDERSTAND.  Be more sensitive.  Not everyone stuffs their feelings inside and it's okay."

{Gibson 2008}
"Mom, LAUGH more.  Life is fun.  Enjoy!"

{Baby 2010}
"Mama, APPRECIATE the small miracles.  Slow down to watch, feel, hope and dream." 

My dear babies, each in their own way, have taught me what it means to be a mother.  With certainty I anticipate many more lessons in the years to come.

Happy Mother's Day,
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  1. This is beautiful. Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful.

  2. Happy Mother's Day! Beautiful babies:O)

  3. Hope you had the happiest of Mother's Day, dear Katie!


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