A List Maker's Life: Sweet Refreshment

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sweet Refreshment

The other night my mom arrived with a trunk full of tulips. 
Blooming in many beautiful shades. 
Still attached to their bulbs.
In any other month, in any other town this would simply be a lovely surprise.  Yet, in our little town where there is a hefty fine for damaging, stepping on, or picking a tulip my first reaction was shock.
"Where in the world did you dig up a trunk full of tulips? Seriously, close the trunk before the tulip police find us!"

In actuality, the blooms were part of a greenhouse dump load on a friend's property. What a pitiful site to see piles of tulips, in their prime, left in a field to die.  Dramatic 'huh?  Anyway, mom saved them.  We cut many to bring in and filled vases for each room in the house. Sweet spring refreshment. 
The rest of the bulbs and their leaves are waiting in the wheelbarrow to yellow until they can be labeled, packed, and stored for fall planting. Next year we will be sure to leave them on display in our flower beds through Tulip Time (which kicks off here on Thursday)!
And for now, I'm off to a weekend away at a lovely beach cottage with a group of friends.  It should be a great time of crafting, visiting, snacking, and refreshing.
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  1. First of all...CONGRATULATIONS!!! I was wondering what you meant by not "losing your dinner" in the last post, until I realized I had missed a BIG announcement. So happy for you, Katie! Hope you're feeling well today!

    Secondly, is it really a crime to pick a tulip? They are so pretty - glad your mom rescued them.

  2. lol... I can imagine the horror of looking for the tulip police! :) when I take kids for walks I am so nervous about the tulips! I am so excited to be able to be here for tulip time this year to see what it is all about!


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