A List Maker's Life: We Scream for Hudsonville Ice Cream

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We Scream for Hudsonville Ice Cream

We had quite an adventure this morning!  Awhile back I wrote a post about my favorite things about our happy town.  In that post I mentioned our hometown ice cream addiction.  Upon reading my entry they generously invited our family to visit the factory and see how Hudsonville Ice Cream is made.
The colorful murals on the walls made this factory look like a fun place to spend the day, and were designed and painted by a local artist Joel Tanis.  In addition to the amazing wall decor, the large storage containers (which hold 90+ bathtubs full of milk and cream) are painted in cheerful sherbet colors.
Mr. Fillipini made it a point to explain to the kids how important math and science are to the production of ice cream. He introduced the kids to one of the Hudsonville team's scientists and their interesting equipment.

Interestingly, we learned that all manufactured ice cream is made up of about 50% air. As Mr. Fillipini joked that really just means we can eat twice as much! Actually, he explained that by adding more than air national or generic brands sell ice cream for less money. Of course, the sacrifice then is FLAVOR! In fact, he mentioned that some brands are not able to use the words ice cream on their containers; based on ingredients they are instead labeled ”dairy treats.”
Other fun facts:
~The ice cream is chilled to 21 degrees and stored in a massive cooler.
~Hollanders breathe easy knowing that our dear Captain Sundae serves Hudsonville Ice Cream.
~Kilwin's brand ice cream is also mixed and packaged in this factory.
~The Hudsonville plant was seriously the cleanest place I have ever been in.  They explained that every vat, tube, pipe, floor, and wall is thoroughly cleaned out daily.
~The ice cream formulators are often sent samples of chocolate, candy, and fudge in the sender's hopes of being added to new blends.
Tucked safely in this cooler, guarded by the happiest dad in Holland, are 6 half-gallons of delicious Hudsonville Ice Cream in different flavors. In fact, two of the flavors are hot off the press and have not been introduced to the public yet! Want to guess what the flavors might be?  Each of the kids got to pick a favorite.  True to my predictions Anne Hope went right for Super Scoop.  Gavin surprised us by picking a vanilla/orange sherbet blend.  He later explained to me his rationale, "Well, mom!  That was the kind of ice cream they were making when we toured the factory, so that is what I wanted to taste."  We also picked up my favorite, Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Covered Cashew.  Yum!

This weekend Hudsonville is hosting an amazing community charity event called "The Coolest Taste to Share EXTRAVAGANZA."  The event will feature tours, tastings, face painting, music, and more.  The proceeds will benefit Kids’ Food Basket is a hunger relief agency in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that provides food insecure children an evening meal each weekday at the end of the school day. The children we serve attend schools where 80% or above of students live at or below the poverty level. Unfortunately, the event is sold out, but to learn more about how you can ensure that children in our communities don’t go to bed hungry please visit their website at, http://www.kidsfoodbasket.org/

Thanks for the great visit Hudsonville!
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  1. I love how sweet your son is by thinking of trying the icecream they were making when you toured the plant. So sentimental:O)

  2. If I'm remembering correctly, Joel Tanis is a Hope alum and his father was a professor for a long time.

  3. How cool! We LOVE Hudsonville ice cream, I didn't realize it was made in YOUR hometown! Wow even more reason to cheat on my diabetic diet and indulge. Okay well maybe not but it is what we've been buying for ER and my Dad loves it too. It's really good and I like knowing we're supporting a MI based company. What a fun day!

  4. How cool! I'd love to what the new flavors are that haven't even been announced yet!! I'm pretty excited because over here in Chicago, Jewel grocery stores just started selling the ice cream!


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