A List Maker's Life: Play: A Child's Work

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Play: A Child's Work

In great exploration, there are great observations
Bubbles: They last only a moment before bursting
& are easily popped with the slightest touch
Bubbles: The bigger they get the more fragile they become
Bubbles: Some need a little extra wind to rise & some fail to rise at all
Bubbles: Appear most colorful when they are the weakest
As I watch these little faces framed in floating iridescent
I take time to appreciate my life's work.
I realize the moments pass by in the blink of an eye
Each one fragile & beautiful

Without exploration there is nothing
Without exploration what lessons would be lost?
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Thanks to Beth for encouraging me to look for unique moments to capture on camera in this week's You Capture challenge!  Thinking of her now especially as she is working on a big project for me (more to come on that...) and anticipating the "work" of delivering her fifth little love soon!


  1. Very creative, insightful post.

    Wish I could help you on the font. Try @napwarden.


  2. Very nice post. I love the pictures.

  3. I love these pics!!!!!
    They are so cool ! And the kids are super cute!

  4. bubbles are the best.
    child's work - play - also the best.

  5. Great post and pictures! Bubbles always make me smile.

  6. Beautiful pictures, beautiful words.

  7. That's a great work day! We love bubbles.

  8. Love these observances and applications. Such beauty and such truth.

  9. Hands-on play is the best work there is! Lovely photos.

  10. A child's play is so much more fun to capture! I love the bubble pics.

  11. love these pics and the aspect you went with the work theme, so great!

  12. Your thoughts are just beautiful!

    Sweet photos too.


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