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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Glittery Activity, Without the Glittery Mess

For this week's Thursday school Anne Hope and I put together a fine motor exploration that sparkles!
We're looking forward to giving it a try with our preschool friends as we practice the letter J, the number 13, and the heart shape.
Ziplock bags
Hair gel

Squeeze hair gel into a baggie.  Shake the glitter into the gel.  Squeeze out the extra air before zipping the bag.  Work the ingredients in together.

~Lay the baggie over pre-made cards printed with shapes, numbers, or letters to trace.
~Encourage your child to make straight, squiggly, wavy, or zig zag lines
~Lightly press plastic cookie cutters into the bag to make designs
~Make handprints.
~Talk about a pattern and have your child draw what comes next.  Ex. xx o xx o xx __
~Give your child addition, subtraction, or multiplication problems to solve.  Have them write and erase their answers in the glitter goo.
~Place the bag on top of large font titles in magazines to practice tracing core words such as: I, a, and, the, like, etc.

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  1. LOVE THIS! Now this is something a that could be implemented at another place I know and love dearly and it wouldn't be another strict curriculum! Can't wait to hear what Adelle has to say! :)

  2. This is awesome! My 4 yr old will love this. I already have all the supplies which makes it even better!!

  3. What a great idea! My daughter would even love the whole texture of this already!

  4. How cool, however I know my daughter would not be happy until she opened it and covered her whole body in glitter! LOL!

  5. This is SUCH a good idea! We will totally be doing this next week. :-)

  6. What a great activity! great for kids with sensory challenges.

  7. Totally doing this with math facts and spelling words! Who wouldn't want to practice those in glitter??? Thanks for sharing!

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  10. This is great! Can't wait to try this one!


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