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Monday, February 1, 2010

According to Him

"Mom, you are the greatest mom I've ever had!"

Wow, thanks Gavin. 
{thinking to myself}That is almost a compliment.

Seconds later, after I just happened to have an answer to his burning question, he asked another, "Mom, why do you know everything?"

Well, Gavin
{with a hint of sarcasm} that's because I'm also the smartest mom you ever had.

"Guess you're not too smart mom or you would know that Grandpa is the smartest.  He knows EVERYthing and I'm pretty sure he taught you everything you know."
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  1. he does have a point... and I would have to say he gets his smarts from somewhere!

  2. I think I will have to print that one and post it on the tool box where I keep everything near and dear to me...........

  3. They trick us every time don't they?? That is adorable.

  4. Oh, it sounds like your kid might be the smartest kid ever:)

  5. Sooo cute. Of course Grandpa knows everything!! He's GRANDPA! :-)

    Hey, I started a little thing on Fridays called Conversations with My Kid so if like to post kid conversations like this one, come on over on Friday and join the fun!

    Hope all is well!




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