A List Maker's Life: So Excited!

Friday, January 8, 2010

So Excited!

10 Things on My Packing List for Cupcake 10:

~My computer, my camera, and (if I have any luck convincing him) Kevin's iTouch
~A small trinket for each of the sweet cupcakes I will meet
~Annie's expert directions, her GPS system, and a couple new books on tape in anticipation of smooth traveling
~A car emergency kit, courtesy of my anxious husband, in case the travel isn't so smooth
~Cozy, hopefully comfy, clothes and a few fun accessories
~Magazines, a book, and a project for the post-cupcake quiet time
~A crock pot brimming with hot fruit soup & a cheesy chicken appetizer plate
~Birthday wishes for several other January birthday friends
~An empty notebook for recording ideas, thoughts, inspiration, questions, answers, quotes...
~Smiles, enthusiasm, and a fair share of nerves!

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