A List Maker's Life: Rehashing

Monday, January 25, 2010


A week's worth of tweets that didn't make the cut:

Mr. Gibson hums when he eats and sings himself to sleep. #you'regonnamissthis

Having so much fun planning a scrapbooking retreat for my local chicas.  How many ladies might we fit into a cottage that sleeps 10? #shenaniganizer

There was major poverty & devastation in Haiti even before the recent tragedy, yet I'm thankful this has raised awareness of a significant problem! #howmanyorphanscanwefitinourhome

I borrowed Kev's iTouch 2 take 2 the gym & found myself sitting next to someone 10 years younger than me listening to a group that was popular before she was born #totallyembarrasedbymyplaylist

"Where's Gibson? I just want to snuggle him and smell him." #sogladheloveshislittlebrother

Just when you think it's time to move on to restoration & healing the ground shakes again  #morethanjusthaiti

To my dear children, who I swear aren't completely unsupervised, flushing the iPod is not a valid way to celebrate momma's birthday #birthdaysareoverrated

On the way to a party for her 4yo friend "Mom, I will be quiet & have fun.  And if anyone tells me I have the most beautiful eyes they've ever seen I will say 'Thank You' instead of 'I Know'." #raisingoneconfidentprincess
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  1. Oh too funny! Happy birthday - I just celebrated my birthday too!

  2. :) #how many orphans can i successfully hide in my college owned housing?

  3. so cute...you are so creative!

  4. Those are funny. I especially love the last one!! lol.

  5. How great - I miss checking your blog daily. You do such a nice job and make me laugh and think about the bigger picture


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