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Monday, January 4, 2010

For Today

10 Things to be Happy about Right Now

~A cozy, warm house
~New toys that give playtime new life
~Getting in and out of an errand in the time that was allotted for it, instead of being 10 minutes late for the next commitment (it's a rarity for sure)
~A craft project to look forward to
~Re-reading a pile of holiday greeting cards from friendly faces
~A new perspective & a fresh start
~A Creative Memories delivery waiting to be opened
~Monkey (Gibson's must have) has been found, it isn't lost in grocery cart land like we feared
~Naptime for my three little loves
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  1. What great things.......especially finding monkey, life saving:>D

  2. Love the list...especially nap time...i need that everyday!


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