A List Maker's Life: The Choice by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Choice by Suzanne Woods Fisher

The Choice is the first in a new series of books written about Amish life. The series, written by Suzanne Woods Fisher, is called Lancaster County Secrets. The main character, Carrie Weaver appears at first to be less than grounded. She prepares to leave her Amish heritage to elope with Solomon Riehl.  Solomon who was raised Amish has already left his roots to play baseball professionally.  When the opportunity falls apart for them, Carrie is left broken hearted and searching for love, belonging, and a future.  As she discovers her options and opportunities she makes significant choices.  As life would have it, her choices develop her foundation and purpose, making her stronger for them.

I have read and enjoyed series by other authors set in the same culture and time period, but found this book to be refreshing.  Fisher brought new perspective that made it comfortable, yet entertaining, to return to a book in a similar setting.  The characters were endearing and believable.  At times I struggled to relate to the outward simplicity despite the intense internal struggles, grief, and loss.  Eye opening, for sure. I will look forward to checking back in with these characters in the books to come.  Yet I appreciated that this title stood out on it own and ended with a clear resolution, instead of a frustrating cliff hanger. 

Book Bomb and Author's Talk with Suzanne Woods FisherLitfuse will be hosting both a Facebook Party on February 15th.  You are welcome to join the event to chat with the author and have a chance to win prizes by answering trivia questions.  In fact, Suzanne Woods Fisher will be telling the story behind The Choice, answering questions about the book, and sharing about her other upcoming releases. 
In addition, if you purchase a copy of The Choice during the Book Bomb on the 15th you will be entered to win an Amazon gift certificate.

Thanks to Litfuse Group for sending me a complimentary copy of The Choice to review for this post.


  1. Oh...you had to go and blog about my favorite kind of book to read, when I'm trying so hard to read through the stack of nonfiction books I own but haven't read ;) Thanks for sharing though - I'll be sure to check out the Facebook group!

  2. Can't wait to read this-thanks for letting me know about it!

  3. A Facebook party?!? Cool. I must be living in a cave, because I've never heard of that. My husband is from NE Iowa. Maybe this book could hit closer to home?

  4. This one sounds like it could make a good Mother's Day gift!

  5. That book sounds really great and like something I'd enjoy reading in the few moments of free time I find :)

  6. Sounds like a book to add to my always-growing list. Thanks!

  7. Good fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.

  8. So you got in on the Litfuse team? Yey :D I so wanted to review this one but missed the deadline to sign up, so sad. LoL. Glad you enjoyed it!

  9. I just bought this one and am looking forward to reading it! Thanks for the book suggestions--I am running out of things to read and was looking for inspiration! :)

  10. Nice review!

    I also enjoyed “The Choice” and look forward to reading Suzanne Woods Fisher’s next novel.

    I thought the plot was great – robust and satisfying – like a flavourful wine. There were twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. There were love triangles, wise old grandmas, wise elders who gave loving counsel, caring sisters, jail birds, guarded secrets, mystery, and sweet, sweet romance. The chemistry between the two main characters was very believable and I enjoyed it immensely.

    I wrote a more in-depth review on my own web-site www.tracysbooknook.com



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