A List Maker's Life: Break for the Broken Hearted

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Break for the Broken Hearted

Opening up to the bigger audience of social media has opened me up

Open for bigger good news
bigger joy
bigger laughs
bigger inspiration

Yet also discovering bigger sorrow
more cancer, death, childhood illness, addiction, abuse, and job loss

Yes, there is bigger pain
which brings a bigger perspective
and a much bigger opportunity for influence

Opening up to loving others in a big way is also opening my heart
to be broken.

It's a process where I am beginning to see that in caring I am losing pieces of myself.  However, in presenting the pieces to the One who teaches us to let our hearts break we find ourselves restored - bigger.
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  1. Loving one another is the single most dangerous and beautiful thing in the world...

  2. I get this, Katie. I do. It is such a hard balance, and this is part of what I was getting at in that "Pouring" post I wrote.

    Just know that I appreciate that big, open, caring heart of yours and the prayers you offer from it.

    xo elizabeth

  3. Beautifully articulated wisdom. (Does that sound better than "Ditto, Shana"???)

  4. I think this is such a true thought.

    It really resonates within me too, because there are times when I feel overly invested in Social media and it stresses me out...and yet they are time when it fills me up to the brim with happy...and I wouldn't be able to find that anywhere else.

  5. beautiful perspective friend and totally get it.

  6. beautiful! I have also wondered about the losing pieces of myself concept, but you nailed it on the head with......presenting the pieces to the One who teaches us to let our hearts break we find ourselves restored - bigger:) I love it!

  7. So true! I think this is why I don't really seek out friends. My family are my friends and that's enough to deal with.

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