A List Maker's Life: Blissfully Blessed (& Frugal Besides)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Blissfully Blessed (& Frugal Besides)

The beginning of a new year is a fantastic time to re-examine household spending and focus on our tried and true tips for living within our means.

Don’t Buy Extras– A fabulous coupon, close out sale, interest rate, or membership is disappointing if it tricks you into an unnecessary purchase? Sorry Art Van I’ll probably skip out on your "BIGGEST SALE ‘EVAH!"

Stay Organized - Know what you have and where it is for easy use.
Visit The Library – Put holds on upcoming releases to still be the first to read a well anticipated book, hear a new CD, or watch a DVD free of charge.

Appreciate Shabby Chic – If the furniture is looking a little rough just scuff it up more purposefully.
Explore Your City – Find simple family fun near your own hometown. During the summer the kids and I joined our neighbors for city bus rides and splashing in the downtown fountains.

Think Outside the Box - Make the most of limited space and money. We found an inexpensive solution for our bathroom storage problem.
Set Up Co-ops – Organize a neighborhood free sale to trade goods, child care, services, kid crafts, clothes and accessories with friends. This year we coordinated a co-op preschool amongst friends and took turns teaching in our homes. The children learned valuable lessons, while having loads of fun, and we avoided costly preschool tuition.

Do It Yourself – My handy husband helps us with routine car maintenance, home repairs, and consistent yard work. By cloth diapering we’ve also saved money with just a bit of extra laundry required.

Grow Fresh- Decorate your kitchen windowsill with potted herbs, always recipe ready.

Discover Resale Stores – In a storm of giveaway luck I won two lovely canvas prints. Professional framing would have been out of our budget, however checking out thrift store options we found great glass and sturdy frames. With a little time and a great can of spray paint our wall art became an inexpensive reality
Network, Ask Questions, and Take Suggestions- Reach out to blissfully frugal friends! Social media opens up a whole new world of ideas, recipes, and inspiration.

Plan Ahead – The weeks I set our family up with a menu, and a thorough shopping list, we save money at both the grocery store and the drive-thrus.

Repurpose – I’ve been crafting discarded jewelry into quirky cute necklaces: a creative outlet and a stash of gift giving options.
Change Your Perspective – Recognize all you already have. We’re often reminded in our “momentary poverty” we are still wealthier than 90% of the world! We also enjoy keeping a journal recording our unexpected blessings.

Give It Away - Pass down clothes and unused treasures, it’s likely others will do the same in return.

When we share from our abundance with those around us we are blessed beyond our hopes and dreams. Blissfully, more than we could ask or even imagine…
Ephesians 3:20

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  1. I didn't know you make jewelry! You should share more pictures of it, I love the necklace you posted.

    BTW I am so out of it being sick and all I've lost track of days. All yesterday I thought it was Friday. So that's why I thought you might have left for Cupcake.

  2. Great List Katie! And I always love clothe diaper pictures, to cute. :)

  3. This is such a great post. Kind of summarizes simple, thoughtful living with very practical guidelines. Good reminders!

  4. Please tell me that you're going to start an Etsy shop. That necklace is amazing!

  5. Katie, thanks for the reminder about being 90% richer than most the population in the world. I really like the idea of keep track of little blessing. Jennifer

  6. That necklace is gorgeous. I am so impressed. (and I just voted for you...good luck!)


  7. You are such an incredibly talented writer and jewelery maker!

    I voted!

    I really hope you get it!

  8. I found your blog after Stephanie (Adventures in Babywearing) posted about the FABULOUS necklace you gave her for her birthday.

    First of all, I want one. Badly.
    Second of all, I am hoping to beg you to make me one at Blissdom.
    SO, thirdly, I am voting for you.

    Its all selfish really, but, I'd love to be friends;)

    Sara Sophia


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