A List Maker's Life: Christmas '09

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas '09

Only one word describes how magnificent, joyous, and sparkly our Christmas was...

Sharing time and gifts with our families
Playing games: ColorKu, Quartile, Argh, and Ooga
Legos Galore!
Experiencing it all through the eyes of our children, it was especially fun to see Gibson enjoy the excitement of the morning for the first time.
Nights sparkling with quiet Christmas lights

Days filled with laughter and delight
It's a Wonderful Life viewing during our late night wrapping extravaganza
Fancy Nancy, Polly Pockets, and Strawberry Shortcakes
Endless sweet treats: homemade ice cream, coconut candy, heath bar bark, and frosted sugar cookies
Reading the Christmas story and other favorite holiday books
Oodles of new treasures to open and organize
Unexpected surprises: iTouch, Digital Recorder, Cupcake Package, and Pottery Barn
Slick, new snow sleds just waiting for a fresh coat of fluff on top of the slippery slush

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  1. What a great word!
    And what cute kiddos, so happy you had a splendiferous time:)

  2. the children are SO adorable!! they look like they had a great Christmas:)

  3. Katie,
    Your children are so beautiful.
    It seems you have been quite busy this holiday season. I am so glad that it turned out FANTASTIC!!
    Oh, and isn't Fancy Nancy simply splendiferous as well. I just love all of her books!

  4. SO adorable!! they look like they had a great Christmas

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  5. Cool! I am going to try and use that word at least one time today!


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